When I think about the wind, I think about the knots in my hair your fingers get tangled in, and the laugh you make when trying to break free when you do not realize secretly I’m betting against your dexterity in detangling

I don’t want to break free from you — rather — want to find a way to fill in this space where you cease to exist because I know now you do and when I say you do…

I mean the emphasis
is on yoú

When I think about the wind, I think about the sun; how you’re a son to a woman who would not take ‘no’ for an answer because the answer she was looking for was “Ay! Dios mío! Estoy embarazada!”

‘I’m pregnant’

When she was pregnant, she threw her hands to the sky saying ‘thank you God for this child of mine and this child of mine, like You, will shine’ and when she says you’ll shine, she means, you will be a light in a dark room

Baby my life was the dark room your light shined in to. You made the decision to walk into me blindly, put the darkness behind me, throw my hands to the sky ‘God, why me?

He replies, ‘He has a purpose,’ and here you are now swearing me I’m worth it

When I think about the sun, I think about the moon; the night and the stars in your eyes I stare into. And I like to believe love is a constellation — replace the stars with you and me and you have two points now, trace them

But leave out the space in-between because I want to be close to you; let the wind tie knots in my hair, let your fingers get caught the way they always do, I know you want them to. The same way I know that when you look into the moonlit sky, you’re thinking of all the possibilities we’ll have in this life — just you and I, we are one. We are a single star and there’s nothing in this world that compares

You are perfect,
and when I say that you are worth it

I mean the emphasis,
is on yoú


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